Box On Time

Box On Time deals with the management and execution of import processes, including visas, licenses, and certifications in the following areas: food, cosmetics, electrical products, toys, infant products, communication, and electronics

Box On Time works to find products, manufacturers, and suppliers abroad at the business’s request. We personally guide the import process from the moment the product is ordered until the goods are delivered to the customer in Israel

Who we are?

Do you want to find out how to import or export easily and efficiently?
Is it important that your goods arrive on time? Are you looking for a personal import solution?


Will make sure that your import or export process is done very quickly at the lowest price.

Our experience

BOX ON TIME offers 20 years of experience in the import and export field, and personal, professional and efficient service at all stages of the shipment.

Box On Time

Specialist center for managing and executing import and export processes

Including the handling of all required visas, licenses and approvals.

Our staff

Managed by Ms. Yael Cohen-Elias, knows how to provide systemic solutions, including tying up loose ends to make the process – quick, focused, efficient, and cost-effective.

Management of import and export files

In the areas of: cosmetics, chemistry, textiles, electric appliances, toys, food, infant products, communications and electronics.

Rapid response

We are available to provide rapid, professional service in the issuance of any required certification. As part of the handling, our office knows how to guide you, the importer, in preparing the approvals at the start of the import process in order to shorten times and processes.

Outsourcing services

Or internal services to execute and control processes according to the client’s requirements and Israeli standards.

Professional experience

Of Ms. Yael Cohen-Elias – 20 years in the field.

Professional representatives

We have representatives throughout the various government offices and the Standards Institute in order to provide rapid and efficient service..

Maximum availability

For the urgent handling of specific problems.

Box On Time – Your import and export experts.

Efficiency, professionalism, and lower costs

Recent updates

Introduction in Chinese

Box On Time (BOT), 是由耶尔.科恩创建。耶尔拥有超过20年的进出口来自世界各地产品的广泛经验。她在这一领域的知识,帮助客户控制所有相关运作的时间和活动。 在进口和出口领域,我们的角色代表了客户的业务活动中的重要层,对他们的经营业绩有直接​​影响。我们致力于为我们的客户提高价值,同时节省额外开支。 进口和出口过程中需要有效率的管理,耐心倾听众多细节,关注及不断更新专业知识。我们的工作是参与整个过程的管理,因此我们的客户能腾出时间把重点放在其业核心业务的活动。 我们为客户提供完整的解决方案。其中包括代表客户端联络供应商(从以色列和从国外),客户,银行,监管机构,样品,海关和其他相关的事务 – 我们为客户不断提供更新相关资讯,并与他们相互配合。至于我们的活动领域,主要重点是为客户提供最好的服务,让你有效率的节省时间和金钱。 我们认为,客户是长期的业务合作伙伴,因此我们至力提供长远服务及满足客户需要,我们以客户的满意度作为最重要的标准标签,我们学习每个客户的需求,并据此定制最佳的服务。 鉴于我们的经验,我们的客户群包括不同的企业需要从各国进口和出口各种产品。我们处理的产品范围非常广泛,并保证我们的广泛的知识和诀窍能为我们的客户节省时间和成本。同时,我们的客户来自世界各地,我们以最佳方式协助其业务发展,并加快各个参与者之间的合作和业务关系的发展。 我们将很高兴,假如您能给我机会为您提供我们的服务。 ,  忠实和尊重你的 耶尔.科恩 Yael Cohen Elias (Box On Time) BOT

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