Box On Time

Box On Time deals with the management and execution of import processes, including visas, licenses, and certifications in the following areas: food, cosmetics, electrical products, toys, infant products, communication, and electronics

Box On Time works to find products, manufacturers, and suppliers abroad at the business’s request. We personally guide the import process from the moment the product is ordered until the goods are delivered to the customer in Israel

Who we are?

Do you want to find out how to import or export easily and efficiently?
Is it important that your goods arrive on time? Are you looking for a personal import solution?


Will make sure that your import or export process is done very quickly at the lowest price.

Our experience

BOX ON TIME offers 20 years of experience in the import and export field, and personal, professional and efficient service at all stages of the shipment.

Box On Time

Specialist center for managing and executing import and export processes

Including the handling of all required visas, licenses and approvals.

Our staff

Managed by Ms. Yael Cohen-Elias, knows how to provide systemic solutions, including tying up loose ends to make the process – quick, focused, efficient, and cost-effective.

Management of import and export files

In the areas of: cosmetics, chemistry, textiles, electric appliances, toys, food, infant products, communications and electronics.

Rapid response

We are available to provide rapid, professional service in the issuance of any required certification. As part of the handling, our office knows how to guide you, the importer, in preparing the approvals at the start of the import process in order to shorten times and processes.

Outsourcing services

Or internal services to execute and control processes according to the client’s requirements and Israeli standards.

Professional experience

Of Ms. Yael Cohen-Elias – 20 years in the field.

Professional representatives

We have representatives throughout the various government offices and the Standards Institute in order to provide rapid and efficient service..

Maximum availability

For the urgent handling of specific problems.

Box On Time – Your import and export experts.

Efficiency, professionalism, and lower costs

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